Here I lie with you,
Dreaming of impossible nights
Mind rages into darkness
While my heart reaches towards the lights
Your hand that I feel today
Like a once great island,
Keeps my heart beating
With uncontrollable reason
Breath upon my shoulder
To join with mine, floating
Beneath the heavens, bonded
Like ancient gold I treasure clinching
I wake to pencil the day,
And my marbles flows sweet
Memories of past and course
To which destiny meets
Let the candle above my head
Guide my feet below, though
Rain may rue the day,  still
My heart will know the way.

TyG ©

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Today’s Memory 8.4.10

“You have forgotten who you are and so forgotten me. Look inside yourself. You are more than what you have become...Remember who you are. You are my son and the one true king.”

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Guilty…lacking in what was Free

I have only to say that I am sorry
I failed, and you lost faith in me
A man rarely stands guilty alone,
but none the less, ends up standing alone
Looking back and wondering where
Did it go wrong, what day, what time?
When was it that love fell short?
Haunted by the notion that it could
have been saved, changed forever
The sad part is, I was so concerned
with the future, dreams and finances
That desperately needed a breakthrough,
so concerned with how it was all
going to unfold, manifest into these thoughts,
So worried about money and pride
That I faltered in the things that were free,
Substance that was pure and honest
Like waking up next to you early in
the morning, bestowing your figure in
perfect rest, I slowly bend to kiss your forehead,
Or holding your hand, just because I
wanted to feel you close to me,
Holding you for one second more,
every time you had to leave my side.
It was in these precious moments when
I failed you most, more than any argument
or fight that didn’t end in agreement
The actions and materials that were free,
But yet most valuable…you received less
And for that I am so greatly sorry, I stopped
being the man that I was, the one you fell
in love with, the one I know you still love.
Forgive me, and know even when my eyes
are filled with tears…they are still open.

Today’s Memory 7.31.10

Today’s Memory 7.22.10

Folks, enjoy the little things, everyday things…something such as enjoying a glass of the best tasting juice with the person you love in this world.

On my Mind

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Question is: “How do we become whole once more?”

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Tell Me

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Have you seen My Heart?

If anyone should happen to come across my heart,
please send it back to me, where it lies beating I have no clue
It certainly isn’t in the hands of the woman I love,
Hands beaming with purity and sincere compassion
It certainly does not live beneath my chest,
beating so strongly with joy as once before
In its place lies nothing but memories,
some dark, depressing and regretful recollections,
but some bright, unbelievable and happy times
Both my mind and body function day in day out
on memories that must be learned from and
others that keep a smile on my face, tokens of remembrance
that pump blood into my hands that I may feel,
blood into my feet so that I can take the next step
It isn’t easy living without a heart, this I have
come to realize with every passing moment
My heart is out there somewhere, and perhaps
maybe one day we will be reunited again.

Paroles Préférées (favorite sayings)

“Life is beautiful, and so are you.”

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“The very essence of romance is uncertainty.”

-Oscar Wilde
Excerpt from The Importance of Being Earnest

Fish in the Sea

No matter how many fish there may be in the sea
Despite what the numbers and facts may be
It is a truth of the heart that cannot be denied
There is just one, one fish for me
Whether it is by Poseidon’s curse or only
Other forms of judgment bestowed so crudely
I cannot escape the grasp, the soft current
That draws me unceasingly to her love’s melody
Like a mermaids serene call, my ears
Betray, while her voice draws me near
My heart yet stirs and folds to her will
Thus, I drift to her without fear
Whether it is stupidity or real courage
I face this open sea, alone without stoppage
Time drifts between imagination and reality,
Between past and present, I search of some vestige
Some bit of hope that the fight is not in vain
That the love is not destroyed, or waned
For now, content my anchor lays rested
My heart is strong and willing to endure the pain.

TyG ©

Today’s Memory 6.29.10

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One Star

This night, as I looked up in the sky;
As bright as it was around me,
Blazing light from the city’s glow
and houses that illuminate like day-glo
I saw a single star that stood alone,
Shining ever so brightly despite
The clouds that flew beneath its glaze,
No other star was in sight to amaze
It got me thinking about my love,
When the sky is full of a million
Stars that radiate in the night,
But sometimes not all can be in sight
Precisely like my life, sometimes it
Becomes cloudy or unclear of my
Intentions or desires, I don’t shine
Like a full lit sky of amazing design
But regardless, no matter how cloudy
The sky may be, or diluted the night’s
Glory remains hidden beyond faults,
There abides a single light to exalt.
One shining speck of hope, of belief,
Of promise, of love, gleaming in the sky
In the shadows and light of the night,
My love glows like this one star’s delight.

TyG ©

Breathe In, Breathe Out