The daring truth about the number one

For many of us, our lives are filled with some form of regret, big or small. I should have could have, wish I had this, wish I would have that. Whether it be a devastating injury to an All-American quarterback who looks back on the last play that brought him to the crack of everlasting change or the guy who gets dumped on prom night; while at prom. A bit of a stretch, I know, but this is a crazy world and I am willing to bet money on the fact that this has happened to someone, somewhere, at sometime in this some existence. In both instances, as many others endured by us truly, a re-winding process takes place, every second or moment we bear to think what we could have done differently or second guessing the choices that lead to our hardship or affliction. The are many chances we are given to do many things in this life, but each thing has its limitations; welcome to the land of one. You have one life, one chance to make something of yourself in this life, one chance to make a mark on this planet; whether it be something fantastically simple or simply fantastic. Take for instance prom, for many, excluding the players out there; but for many prom is a one time thing, one night, one date, one chance, one dance. Some things cannot be reversed, nor has there been any breakthrough in the time-traveling arena; so maybe some of us just don’t take life that serious. We wake up, and take in a breath, and continue taking life for granted until something throws us off course or we don’t wake up. Bottom line, when something or someONE special comes along, you put all you have into it, make it your passion, devote yourself to be fully in the moment; day by day, breath by breath. Live in the moment and if you are denied province in such a thing, then surely it was not the one thing for you. In some cases such as mine, when the woman I love deeply calls it quits, the woman I most positively am sure is the one, I know now that I was not living my life as though she was number one. But rather I was living for myself, I became number one, and I invested in myself rather than the beloved. Those that say there is no such thing as the “one” are sad fools living a lie; for they have yet to discover such a thing, or have discovered such a thing but failed to hold on to it. Sometimes these events causes us to change, its how we react to the changes that determine how we live out our lives. Whether we are given literally one opportunity to do something great, live something great, or live with someone great. But know this, oh ye fellow beings, the blessed quality of life and the daring truth about number one, is that if you’re lucky enough, God shows your sorry ass favor, or have the courage to face change; there is yet another opportunity. Opportunity to regain your love, your hope, your passion…your life.

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