I had unconditional love…for myself

I was in love, still am very much so…I felt as though I loved her more than anyone could. And the sad part it was true, is true, but I over shadowed that with my own selfishness. The love I had , was not good enough for her, or any woman for that matter, because it would have never last. I loved myself and my problems unconditionally, cause I was willing to sacrifice everything for my own ambition. I chose myself, over my partner too many times. Instead of opening up and sharing my life, I kept it all inside and to myself. Only true unconditional love can last, can stand the test of time. Love is about choosing to love, whether the days are dark and cloudy or bright and sunny. That is probably why there are so many divorces these days, couples don’t really know each other like they should or think, and their relationship is not structured or founded on real love; agape love. Agape love is differs from other types of love like, phileo (friendship) or eros (sexual). For success in any relationship, especially marriage; all three forms of love must be present. But agape is key…I see that now more clearly than ever. Unconditional love, agape love, will not be swayed by time or circumstance. To obtain such a love, I release myself from my own problems, concerns, desires, and accept the idea that true love is truly selfless. I choose to love.

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