Like the first father, like me

The first man to walk the earth, the first human being, the first father was Adam. He was made in the image of God, but the only difference besides being God was he was given free will, free choice. Everything was going fine, just dandy, but life surely wasn’t as great until he fell asleep and when he awoke there before him stood the most beautiful creation of all…woman. Eve, was the first woman, a companion, a partner, a mate, and a match …perfection in his eyes. He undoubtedly fell instantly in love, and never wanted to part from her side. In the Garden of Eden, when she ate fruit from the forbidden tree, she alone committed the first sin and changed the face of time. The most interesting thing is that Adam follows right with her, we don’t really know if he questioned her, yelled at her, or he doubted what he would do next. But we do know that, he chose to eat the same fruit, suffering the same fate; the clothes of righteousness faded from them and became aware of their nakedness. He trusted her, wanted her, and loved her…even if it meant loosing everything else he held dear. What a love that must have been. And like Adam, men today including myself will do many things to follow a woman into the fire. Whether he was completely ignorant or completely aware of the suffering and punishment to come, he made the choice. Love is a powerful thing, surely one of the most powerful things in this world. When two people are entwined in love, the roots wrapped closely together; no matter what weather may come, or storms may try to destroy…love remains. I, like the first father, choose to love; choose to endure the suffering or bliss that comes with love.

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