The Young Volcano

Pleasure turns to pain

of the lessons learned from the strain

of the mistakes blazed in my brain

Blackened by my selfishness

and blind to the hardness

that was hurtfully treasonous

Like a volcano once peaceful and enticing

yet destruction below boiling

ready to leave a path devastating

Allowing the faith in us once sealed tight

to gush out like a river of orange light

ripping the image of our future out of sight

I am left alone surrounded by recent destruction

but I refuse to be entombed by its emanation

that stings the memories and burns with infuriation

My loneliness is like the cold and dark night air

invisible to the eye, obvious to the touch and aware

in its cold uncomfortness declared

Yet if I could I’d do it all over again

every mistake and every sin

I’d do it in the same skin

For now do I lay down and let my love die

stay hard and beneath the darkness let love lie

no, not I, I want my love to fly

From this loss and carnage I have yet created

beneath is a love more strongly rooted

and beautifully corrected, faithfully charted

Like nature that blossoms from lava after time

flowers, and trees more divine than any springtime

my love waits to burst forth from the grime

I know now the mistakes that cannot repeat

Cause there is no one like you, so exquisitely complete

And no love that is this warm, or feels this sweet.

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