Bold as a Lion, Selfish as a Cub

It is no surprise being born a Leo that my own personality, strengths, weaknesses, and traits fall in line with the zodiac horoscopic astrology. Ironically enough, my favorite animal is the Lion. “King of the Beasts” is the title this magnificent animal has claimed, heavily known for its strength and brutality. As a Leo, there exists great chance of being true to the nature of the lion: generous, warmhearted, creative, enthusiastic, broad-minded, expansive, faithful and loving. But there are even greater chances of exhibiting the negative traits such as pompous, patronizing, bossy, interfering, intolerant, and self-centered. It is nonsensical to have great traits when they can easily be covered by your faults. In my life, I assuredly reveal the great chances of becoming a valiant lion, but for the moment many of my actions and choices have exhibited more of a cub-like nature. True to essence that is Leo; I became heavily self-centered, as if I was the sun symbol. Cubs are like young children that can be very selfish at times, love to fight and quick to anger or temper. It is within my power to withhold such damaging actions, and to put away such cub-like behavior. I know that I have great strengths and abilities granted from God, but it is time for those things to come out from beneath the shadow of my transgressions. It is time to grow my full mane, and become the Lion that is within me. Since it is never too late, perhaps one-day, the love and passion I sustain to give will have a chance of blessing someone once more. If she is still out there, still listening, perhaps she may hear my roar.


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