There’s no other Thrill

There’s no thrill that gets me

The way your love does

No other feeling like this could

Hold my heart in your clutches

I don’t prefer the sweetness

Of an aged fine wine

Nor will beer lift my spirits

To the point of sublime

Some get a kick out of

A drug they can take

A substantial feeling that is

Brief and ends with headache

I can try to fill my time

With various activities and events

But none will come close or

Bring me to the feeling of ascent

Not like the way your face

Smiles at me in the sunlight

Or the thrill of your touch, your

Skin softly warmed like firelight

Having you near and so close

I can hear your heartbeat

And your sweet lips, that deliver

A shock to make my heart skip a beat

There is no thrill that reaches my

Very soul the way you do

No other thing or person in this

World could get to me, tis true.

TyG ©

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  1. Thank you, that was lovely.

    Not like the way your face / Smiles at me in the sunlight


    Tim Keeton
    (Undead)Poet / Wizard / Teller-of-tales

  2. you described love perfectly. its the best thing which two persons can share 🙂

    • Thanks…I try, and I totally agree with you. Love is key.

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