No Superman w/out You

Surely times I can fly
The heavens seem to be the limit
People have seen it in my eyes
The capability and ambitions of my destiny
Those far beyond the average guy

Surely times I can save
People around me and the ones close
Remaining to be faithful and brave
I stand for them when others fall
Never leaving them astray

Surely times I can love
Even when my love is never returned
Inside my heart there is yearning of
Someone, one that has saved me
From the things I fall short of

Surely it may be you
Cause when there are struggles
Only you can pull me through
Times when my strength seems short
You hold me up when others never do

Your love and honesty gives me ability
Like the sun, you invigorate my soul
Not being near you is my only debility
For I am no Superman without you
Day in and day out, it is you who rescues me…undeniably.

TyG ©


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