I Woke up

I woke up this morning, and all I could feel…
All I could think was that I love you

The sun made its way into the room,
And I could feel the warmth of your touch
Birds outside began chanting their songs
And I could feel the lullaby of your voice
At the window taking in the skyline
I could only think of how far your love spans
In view was not a single cloud among the heavens
And I quickly realized there is no one else I love
Sounds of cars below speeding along
I realized life moves slowly without you
My ear absorbed the glee of passing children
And I remembered the joy of your smile and laugh
Sitting in my chair, I could not think of
Anything else, my mind was fixed on you
As I closed my eyes trying to get a hold
Of my current state, your beauty filled the gaps
Of darkness that enveloped my view,
At the center, shining bright, was only you
It was a hopeless endeavor to try and clear
You from my reflections or perception
Because from the moment until now,
When I woke up, all I could feel…
All I could think, all that i know, is that I love you.

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