When I see You

Your beauty is something I can’t resist,
Help but stare boldly at your figure
Being the artist I am, it only makes it harder
To look away or focus attention else where
I stand lost in the world that has been transformed
To the details and contour of your body
When I see you, every curve, every line,
Every shape is composed into my mind
Like a painting that only I can behold and cherish
From the way your hair falls into place
Behind your ears and brings to life
The green of your eyes, similar to a
Forest in the early mornings glow
A slow rise of your smile so wonderfully
Indicated with curved lines across your cheeks
When I see you, every color, every texture,
Every spot, is captured like a photograph
One to view continuously in my mind
From your delicate frame, arms that
Lay across naked hips only to help bring
More attention to your splendid form
In its pure and most unbelievably natural grace
When I see you, every curve, every line,
Every part, I become increasingly more
Aware of the beautiful and unique
Human being that you are, just the way you are
When I see you, I see the beauty that is this world.

TyG ©


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