Fish in the Sea

No matter how many fish there may be in the sea
Despite what the numbers and facts may be
It is a truth of the heart that cannot be denied
There is just one, one fish for me
Whether it is by Poseidon’s curse or only
Other forms of judgment bestowed so crudely
I cannot escape the grasp, the soft current
That draws me unceasingly to her love’s melody
Like a mermaids serene call, my ears
Betray, while her voice draws me near
My heart yet stirs and folds to her will
Thus, I drift to her without fear
Whether it is stupidity or real courage
I face this open sea, alone without stoppage
Time drifts between imagination and reality,
Between past and present, I search of some vestige
Some bit of hope that the fight is not in vain
That the love is not destroyed, or waned
For now, content my anchor lays rested
My heart is strong and willing to endure the pain.

TyG ©


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