Guilty…lacking in what was Free

I have only to say that I am sorry
I failed, and you lost faith in me
A man rarely stands guilty alone,
but none the less, ends up standing alone
Looking back and wondering where
Did it go wrong, what day, what time?
When was it that love fell short?
Haunted by the notion that it could
have been saved, changed forever
The sad part is, I was so concerned
with the future, dreams and finances
That desperately needed a breakthrough,
so concerned with how it was all
going to unfold, manifest into these thoughts,
So worried about money and pride
That I faltered in the things that were free,
Substance that was pure and honest
Like waking up next to you early in
the morning, bestowing your figure in
perfect rest, I slowly bend to kiss your forehead,
Or holding your hand, just because I
wanted to feel you close to me,
Holding you for one second more,
every time you had to leave my side.
It was in these precious moments when
I failed you most, more than any argument
or fight that didn’t end in agreement
The actions and materials that were free,
But yet most valuable…you received less
And for that I am so greatly sorry, I stopped
being the man that I was, the one you fell
in love with, the one I know you still love.
Forgive me, and know even when my eyes
are filled with tears…they are still open.


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